Domestic and international transportation

Transportation to all European countries

Alpok-Trans Kft - Domestic and international transportation
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Domestic and international transportation

- The main activity of our company is domestic and international transportation.

- As we are aiming to meet our customers’ needs, we transport to all European countries.

- We transport all goods on pallets, in sacks, by the piece and unique goods on road with the help of our extensive circle of subcontractors.

- Depending on the type and weight of the load we continuously have at our disposal vans, 7.5- and 12-ton tandem, trailer and semi-trailer trucks.

- Meeting our partners needs we also take on express deliveries.

- We are contracted members of time slot management systems (TRANSPOREON, MERCAREON). 

- When necessary, we can provide storage solutions

- We take care of customs clearance in case of transportation outside the EU. 

- It is important to us that goods are delivered within the agreed deadlines and that our customers are continuously kept informed about the movements of their cargo.

- All our contracts are individually priced and carried out in a cost-effective manner.

Modes of transportation

It is the most basic interest of all enterprises to ensure the most effective and economical transportation of the goods to their destination, which our company is here to ensure. 

1. Transportation of full loads:

The transportation of full loads means that only the cargo of one client is transported on the appropriate vehicle. After loading, cargo is transported directly to the specified destination. No goods of other clients are placed in the loading area. One advantage of this type of transportation is that the arrival of the load can be more precisely calculated in advance and tracking the progress of the vehicle is also more straightforward.  

2. Transportation of partial loads:

When transporting partial loads, the required vehicle transports cargo for several customers at the same time and the cargo is not transferred onto other vehicles. As the cargo of several customers is transported at the same time, the delivery time is longer. However, this method of transportation is more cost-effective than the transportation of full loads.

3. Collective transportation:

In this case, goods are transported from the loading address to a depot, where cargo to be delivered along the same route is collected. Goods are transferred onto a different vehicle other than the one that collected them. Delivery time is the longest with this mode of transportation, but it is also the most cost-effective solution.

4. Express transportation: 

Express transportation is the fastest method from loading to unloading. Within Europe depending on distance, goods are delivered within 6 to 48 hours. 


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