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Our services

Our services

- Domestic transportation (full and partial loads)

- International transportation (full and partial loads)

- Express transportation

- Taking care of customs clearance

- Storage solutions

- Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)

Domestic transportation

The purpose of our domestic transportation activities is to offer solutions to our partners at competitive prices, which are dynamically suited to their needs.

We aim to solve the transportation of all goods that exceed the parameters of goods in size and weight normally transported by courier services. We take over the burden of organising the transportation of such goods from our partners, thus saving them time and costs.

We can meet the transportation needs of our partners with the help of our reliable contracted subsidiaries by providing vans, 7.5-ton, 12-ton or even 40-ton vehicles.

Within Hungary we complete transportation contracts with the help of our reliable Hungarian subcontractors.

In case of cargo arriving in Budapest, we check if an access permit is necessary for the particular zone for the vehicle in question. If necessary, our colleagues obtain the required permits.

We also take on special assignments (over-sized and -weight).  

We are contracted members of time slot management systems (TRANSPOREON, MERCAREON). 

Within Hungary we offer solutions to meet our partners’ storage needs.

International transportation

The aim of our international transportation services is to ensure that our partners’ goods reach the desired destination, at the required time at the lowest cost possible. 

With the help of our existing partnerships we regularly organise transportation to Italy, Poland, several states in Germany, as well as to Hungary’s neighbouring countries. At the same time, our services extend to several other European destinations.

As a result of our ever-expanding partnerships, the number of transportations organised by our company has been increasing dynamically.

We fulfil our transportation assignments with the help of our contracted subcontractors in the form of express, collective, full-load and partial-load transportation.

We provide customs clearance services in the case of transportation outside the EU.

We also take on the organisation of international transportation of cargo with special requirements (over-sized and overweight).

We are contracted members of gate booking time slot management systems (TRANSPOREON, MERCAREON).

Express transportation

Ensuring uninterrupted production is an important component of logistical processes, which may necessitate the express transportation of raw materials and goods.

Meeting our customers’ needs we organise express transportation domestically as well as internationally.

This mode of transportation is more expensive than transportation of multiple loads along the same route, but speediness is guaranteed.

Providing aid in customs clearance

As required by international regulations, cargo of non-EU origin must go through customs clearance.

With the help of our contracted partners we provide aid in both import and export customs clearance.   

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms 2020 determines the rules of costs and risks between seller and buyer in international trade. Its regulations, which are included in contracts between trade parties, are an integral part of foreign trade.

Contracting parties may choose from different forms of transportation parity as defined by Incoterms.

Presently, the following clauses (transportation parity) are in effect:

Incoterms 2020

Storage solutions

Storage solutions are an integral part of logistical services. JIT (just in time) principle must be aspired to in logistical processes, however, this cannot always be ensured, because storage is necessary to house surplus material. Storage spaces may be in roofed or open-air facilities. Regarding the arrival of goods in the storage facility, commission, and removal, precise records must be kept.

Our company maintains partnerships with several storage facilities, the capacities of which ensure the possibility of storage for all our customers.

Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)

ADR is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

All goods which are flammable and explosive, have properties that pose a danger to health and the environment are classified as hazardous materials. There are 9 classes of hazardous materials each with a designated UN number. All vehicles transporting dangerous goods must be labelled with the appropriate signals using badges and/or plates indicating the danger(s).   



We can organise the transportation of dangerous materials. All our colleagues are in possession of a valid ADR 1.3, 1.4 certificate. We have a constant connection with certified contracted ADR counsellors.

Transportation fees of dangerous goods are determined on a case-by-case basis.


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